@AndreasBW Es gibt da eine Internetseite die ich für Projektplanungen nutze, da kann man viel mit machen, evtl. passt ja miro.com
Muss man nur mit dem Datenschutz gucken.

@laseletzky the good thing: we can still party all together, doesn't matter where we are heading.

@MHolquinn It's needed for adressing the correct user on the correct system.
It's part of the architecture of this software.

@Rel 👋
Returning Player, skipped most of BfA and SL but the talent trees look promising and give room for individual builds and play styles.

@Oldslo Checkout the "about this server" page: mastodonapp.uk/about/more
The server admin put up all the details there.

@juliette Not that I know of, since you repost the original content as is.

@GreenEyedLady should work normally.
I can follow you even if we are on different servers.
Maybe you were already on the other servers domain?

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My first post perhaps it will go down in history. Predictions welcome on if mastodon will be around in a year

@frostwolf Depends on if the moderation team see's it the same way.

@stephenfry I find it very straight forward, where do you have problems?

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#introduction #introductions

Hi there ! 👋
I'm new to Mastodon, coming from Twitter where I've got a few thousand of followers.
I spent 20 years creating #VisualEffects for Films and TV Projects, and worked in multiple big #VFX Studio in London and Montreal.

I will be mainly talking about Cinema, VFX and SFX History, and will share my thoughts about the Industry. 🎬

I will also be talking about #Videogames 🎮 and #retrogaming 🕹

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Hello, new arrival here. I am an amateur astrophotographer based in Luxembourg. I like the night sky, our planet, especially trees, spaceships and Lego. That's about it. :-) And here is one of my favorite shots taken from my backyard (the soul nebula). #introduction #astrophotography #space #astronomy

@lancebatty01 Haha me also, I just got my own instance up and running and checking out how everything works.

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View of the #ManhattanBridge through one of the arches of the old Tobacco Warehouse in what is now Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park in #Brooklyn. I took this photo in 2012, some years before the St. Anne's Warehouse theater was constructed within the empty walls of the Tobacco Warehouse. Also, you can't get this particular view of the Manhattan Bridge anymore because there is now an eyesore of a glass skyscraper sticking up behind it.

#photograpy #Brooklyn #NewYorkCity #NYC #ManhattanBridge

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